CHITCHAT is a end to end encrypted messaging platform

We Take Privacy Seriously

ZERO Servers

CHITCHAT use WebRTC to transmit messagages between users, no servers needed. WebRTC connections are made using the same webtorrent trackers you rely on for downloading content, ensuring your never tracked.

Encrypted end-to-end

All messages sent on every server and every channel are fully encrypted. If thats not secure enough for you, you can encrypt individual messages using a custom key and only users that know the key can decrypt it.

Login Credentials

Login credentials are only stored on your device and will never be sent to us. When logging in for the first time you will be prompted to enter a username and password, the username will be your display name and the password will be hashed and be used to identify you. If you decide to save your credentials you will be prompted to add a pin which will allow for quick logins.

No Moderation - No Admins

We are platform independant